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BTS Kpop Mystery Box

BTS Kpop Mystery Box

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Perfect for gifts of Kpop fans! Not sure what to give your friend or loved one that loves Kpop? Or perhaps you want something for yourself as a self care gift :)? This is perfect for you

Please note that this is a mystery box and only the parts with ** are customizable. You will be contacted via whatsapp after placing your order to finalize those sections. 
All other items are non customizable
(But You can feel free to tell us your Bias and bias wreckers and preferences just in case <3) 

Items can come from either what is already on the website or from our secret stock that is not displayed but albums and lightsticks will always be pulled from what is already in stock on the website. To ensure you don't receive a duplicate album or lightstick you already have you can tell us what you already have that we have when you are contacted. 

IF you don't like how these options are and want to customize something of you own like a personalized gift box please feel free to message us on instagram @omniaretailservices or whatsapp (868-707-5298)
(Please note that fully customizable/personalized gift boxes will be a different price from these mystery boxes as the mystery option discounts will not be included) 

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